Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring can provide the look of premium hardwood floors but offer the increased value of being water resistant, warp resistant, scratch resistant, and less complicated installation. The existing flooring is removed and the sub-floor condition is assessed to ensure that no bumps, ridges, valleys, or rotting wood is present. If needed, a layer of plywood is installed over the sub-floor to ensure a perfectly smooth surface for the final flooring product. We then will install the flooring of your choice using carefully cut the edges to fit flush with walls, cabinet bases, or door openings. The job is finished with the installation of new baseboard quarter rounds and thresholds into adjoining rooms or doorways.

Existing room with carpeting installed.

Plywood subfloor installed to provide a smooth and flat surface.

Finished floor with new baseboards and quarter round trim installed.