Ceramic wall or floor tiles provides endless design possibilities, are extremely durable, provides a waterproof surface, is easy to clean, and holds up to high use. The existing walls or flooring is removed and the base condition is assessed to ensure that no bumps, ridges, valleys, or rotting wood is present. If needed, sub-floors are replaced with plywood and then cement board is placed over the plywood to ensure a perfectly smooth surface for the final flooring product. For walls, cement board is installed directly to the framing and then coated with a waterproof membrane and mortar. We then will install the tiles of your choice carefully cutting the edges to fit flush with walls, cabinet bases, or door openings. The job is finished with grouting and grout sealer. We can also install electric heating systems under ceramic tile floors to provide a comfortable touch during the winter months.

Additionally, we are able to perform individual tile replacements if you have a few cracked or broken tiles and have replacements available. We carefully grind out the grout, remove the broken tiles, install the replacement tiles and finish with fresh grout.

Custom shower with built-in shelves and a corner bench

Bathroom floor tile

Electric heating system under bathroom floor

Bathroom Floor tiling

Broken tile replacement before and after