Ford 6610 Tractor with Tiger Flail Mowers

This Ford tractor had not been run for several years and the owner wanted to get it into running condition so that they could sell it. It is estimated that the tractor sat for 3-5 years and was completely exposed to Mother Nature. The tractor was successfully brought back to life with all functions completely operational which allowed the customer to sell it.

• The entire fuel system was drained and flushed
• All new fuel, oil, power steering, air, and hydraulic filters
• New starter and alternator
• New fuel injectors
• New battery
• New flail belts
• Unseized the engine and clutch
• Replaced rotted hoses
• Replaced engine oil
• New engine stop switch
• Topped off all fluids

Ford 6610 tractor as found.

As found

All repairs performed on-site.

New starter and fuel filters.


New alternator

New fuel injectors

Completed tractor after a test run.

Company president, Todd Kudas, with the finished tractor.